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The only software solution built by a software developer who worked in a CASA office for 17 years – we speak “CASA”

CasaManager™ is a case management system designed specifically for Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) agencies. Our case management software has been optimized to track everything from volunteer training through supervision of CASAs and child referrals through assignments. It also produces lists, labels and a wide variety of statistical reports. It has been sold to over 460 CASA/GAL agencies in 35 States since 1993. In addition to CASA agencies, it has been successfully used by battered women’s shelters and adoption agencies. It is suitable whenever you want to match the needs of one client to another client.

New Features in CasaManager 15!

  • CasaManager + CasaConnect + CasaManager Lite = Desktop / Cloud / Mobile Access!
  • Peer Coordinator Module – Access your database through the web or iDevice
  • Key Performance Indicators on Dashboard: Pie Chart and Graphs Keep you on target
  • Child Picker – Select a child individually or by family group, Case Name, Petition to post notes, placements, hearings, documents or case assignments
  • One Click NCASA Annual Survey and OJJDP 6 Month Report
  • Assign Staff Advocates as well as Volunteer Advocates
  • Manager, Supervisor, Peer Coordinator and volunteer assignments
  • Outreach Campaigns / Speakers Bureau
  • Multi-program tracking
  • Email forms and letters to volunteers, attach PDFs automatically. Customize email text
  • New Audit Log to track changes and deleted records
  • New Passwords Creation / Access Control
  • Add unlimited categories of Professionals. Use your own terminology and titles for professionals


  • Complete Volunteer management system: Recruitment, retention, training, recognition, vol hours, miles, notes
  • Case management beyond just statistics: Services, health, special education, court ordered plan monitoring, progress measures
  • Print or email personalized custom forms, letters, certificates, flyers, court orders, mailing labels
  • Create eye-catching charts and graphs for your reports
  • “Under-the-hood” access to make your own changes to screens, pop-down lists or create your own new screens
  • Works on the iPad and iPhone. Requires free download of FileMaker Go software from iTunes
  • CasaConnect – a web-based hub that allows volunteers to submit hours and/or notes and State Associations to get report


  • Use the Child Picker to enter a court hearing for one child, family group, Case Name group or Petition group
  • Track attorney, Supervisor, Volunteer attendance
  • Court report due, Court report Received, Report Routed
  • Track recommendations made, rejected and not considered
  • Auto calculates lapse time between permanency hearings
  • Print Notification letter for the volunteer


  • Track Progress in Mental Health, Education, Placement and Social Skills
  • Track Child Well-Being
  • Track Life Long Links – Finding and establishing links to relatives
  • Contacts, Recommendations, Facilitation of Services to Families
  • Track Plans


  • Change a child’s or family groups placement easily and independently of their court hearing
  • Change placements for one child or a whole family group
  • Auto enter from a list of facilities
  • Progress Measures in the area of behavior, belonging, activities
  • Reports on the types of placement, length of stay

Volunteer Training and Management

  • Expanded data collection on volunteers: auto insurance, training screening
  • Interview notes and personal history
  • Drag and drop volunteer documents for easy viewing
  • Have volunteers enter hours in the cloud using CasaConnect
  • Track pre-service, in-service and independent training hours
  • Track how volunteers heard about the agency
  • Retention Reports
  • Volunteer Birthday Lists, labels
  • Inserivce Attendance, compliance
  • Fund development

In-House and Online Security!

  • Two-way encryption for super secure remote access
  • Personalized login accounts and passwords for individual staff members
  • Activate and de-activate staff access in a click of a button. Change access privileges yourself!


  • School stability: schools attended, reason for transfer
  • Track school performance, attendance
  • Education related meetings
  • Auto calculates lapse time between school transfers
  • Special Education tracking, plans and IEPs
  • Special education classification reports
  • IEP and Meetings summaries


  • Track immunization, medications
  • Medical exams and on going care plans
  • Progress Measures in areas of Social Skills
  • Health reports across children served in a date range
  • Personalized health reports for a single child


  • Enter unlimited case services and/or VOCA services provided to the child. Print individual reports or across all children
  • Create reports with data from an unlimited number of counties or all counties together. Great for multi-county agencies!
  • Merge duplicate child or volunteer records without deleting and re-entering information
  • Create PDF’s or Excel spreadsheets on-the-fly from any layout or report and attach as email
  • Access any website from within CASA Manager. Convenient way to update your site, access National or CASA Connect
  • Now track second language, second ethnicity for children and volunteers
  • Print court orders and other court documents for one child or sibling group on the same form or letter
  • Unlimited Ticklers now available! Write a note to remind yourself or other staff of an upcoming “to do” item
  • Enter case notes for one child or the whole family group – saves time and typing!
  • Document storage – go paperless!
  • Re-assign some or all the cases of one supervisor to another supervisor in a batch instead of one by one

Customization Options (and you don’t have to be a programmer!)

  • Change pop-down lists for reports to suit your agency’s, State’s or National’s reporting requirements
  • Add formatting to fields you want to draw attention to. Highlight critical fields, test for illogical dates or missing data
  • Create new custom screens/layouts and buttons. Create spreadsheet-like reports. Group and summarize data on-the-fly!
  • Modify existing labels and buttons. Use your own terminology to avoid confusion
  • Use one of the many free, pre-designed templates that come with FileMaker Pro for your other database needs

Sample Reports

Hundreds of Reports!

  • One-Click to create National CASA Survey and OJJDP / 6 Month Report
  • Type of Deprivation, Program Statistics, Demographics
  • Summary count of professionals for each child
  • VOCA report includes a summary of all services provided. Tallies new children within any quarter or date range
  • Monitor Plans: provides breakdown of how many plans were implemented and if not, why not!
  • View and print who is having a birthday: available for children, volunteers and staff
  • Parent data: summarizes specifics about the child’s parents
  • OJJDP & OJA reports provide required statistics on children and advocates in a click of a button!
  • Expanded custom reporting – create your own list or statistics report on-the-fly and save it!
  • Most reports are designed to be archived in a list so you can easily compare differences over time
  • Print a caseload list for Judges, social workers, attorneys, PO’s, and therapists in addition to staff’s caseload
  • View and print caseloads for Managers, Supervisors, and PC’s
    Mailing labels and address lists for one or all volunteers, supervisors, attorneys, social workers, therapists, judges and probation officers and the placement facilities
  • Create Charts on the fly!
  • Volunteer Recognition

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