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For some of you old timers, Susanne and CasaManager™ are like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together!

It all began in 1989 when Susanne Waher Germone started working for the CASA office based in Santa Clara, CA. “At that time there was nothing available for CASA agencies to help them manage their caseloads or automate reporting. My father taught us from a very young age that when you see a need, you should fill it.” So, in 1993, while serving as the Volunteer Trainer, she created CasaManager for the agency’s own use. Susanne believed so strongly in the mission of CASA that she also agreed to sell it to other CASA agencies as a fundraiser for her agency. After 17 years with the CASA office, she realized that all the other CASA agencies using CasaManager could greatly benefit if she focused her efforts solely on supporting them. From this point on, she worked full-time as the owner of CasaManager Software.

During the last 25 years, CasaManager has become the largest software provider to CASA agencies in the US. As she has observed, it wasn’t easy but if there were one word that could describe her efforts it would be “perseverance”. Competitors have come and gone, but CasaManager has thrived despite the odds. In 2011 Susanne was invited to be the closing keynote speaker at the Annual Developers’ Conference where she told a crowd of 1,100 developers about the terrific work achieved by CASA. In 2012 she was one of only two SCORE Award* recipients recognized by the Silicon Valley SCORE chapter as a Successful Small Business.

In 2016, Susanne sold the business to its current owner, Jeff Hough, with a promise to stay for two more years during the transition. Jeff has continued to serve the CASA community with the same dedication as Susanne, and has expanded the software to the web.

Retirement will give her the opportunity to focus her energy in other directions including, “being the best grandmother I can be!” getting back into genealogy, traveling, photography, and writing a book or two.

We wish Susanne the best and thank her for the clear vision, perseverance and dedication she brought to her work on behalf of CASA agencies. Susanne says, “I’m very proud that I have been able to provide software that helps CASA staff, their volunteers and by extension, their CASA children.”

She can be reached at the CasaManager office until July 6th.

*The SCORE Awards is an annual event that celebrates the outstanding achievements of America’s small businesses. Equal parts ceremony, celebration and entertainment, the SCORE Awards is the preeminent distinction in honoring and supporting small business in the U.S.