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National CASA has made some changes to the 6 month report which is due this month. Below are instructions on how best to gather the new annual information requested for Jul 2017 – Dec 2017, and some clarification on a few other questions.


QUESTION # 1 and #2
The new 6 mos report is now requesting annual data.  The answers to all these annual data questions can be found in two ways:

  • First, go to Reports, and set the start and end dates to 1/1/2017 and 12/31/2017.
  • Option A – By running a “Program Stats”” report. Note: the Volunteer hours total appear on page 2 of this report.
  • Option B – Go to Casework reports. Click the “Set All Counts” button  (for data on children served and Advocates serving ).
  • Go to Volunteer reports and click the Hours-Advocate button to get data for hours.

*** We recommend option B, as the Quik Count fields will turn purple if you have any data issues that need attention


The new 6 month report no longer asks for race and ethnicity breakdown of volunteers serving children.  As this data may be requested in future versions of the report, we have opted to continue to provide that data.

In the case of Question #5 they are only looking for children who were dependents of the court (regardless of where they were living) and who were also closed in the date range. That number will not include children who were reunited but whose cases were still open in CasaManager. (see the info note on this question on the survey webpage)

For Question 6 you should probably check with National CASA on how they define “fictive kin” and whether they are autotmatically considered guardians. Our report is based on the user selecting “Guardianship” from the pop-down list which then gives you the option of selecting either non-relative or relative

In all previous years National has separated out Hispanic /Not hispanic from Race. Now we see they have added it back in again. For this reason we have opted to leave our report as is since it does give you the information, albeit not in the exact wording/format as this current 6 month report. Since you are not turning in our report to National but instead using it to get to the answers and then entering that into their web-page you should have the answer you need and can enter it accordingly.