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Free Training!

Whether you add new staff members or you want to simply brush up on your own skills, we all can benefit from live instruction to help us save time and get the most out of CasaManager. We have developed a weekly webinar series to help you and your staff get started with or polish up on your CasaManager skills.

Training Schedule 2017

CasaManager 101: New Users

1st Tuesday of Each Month (60 Minutes)

Webinar designed for new users. Topics covered include:
  • Dashboard
  • Help Guide
  • Module/Screen Layout
  • Viewing Modes
  • Entering Data/Importance of Dates
  • Site Map
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Casework 101: Basic Training

2nd Tuesday of Each Month (60 Minutes)

Webinar designed for Case Supervisors. Topics covered include:
  • Add a Family
  • Case Tasks
  • Case Notes
  • Communication Features
  • Documents/Photos (external resources)
Prerequisite:  CasaManager 101 or equivalent knowledge.
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Reports Module

2nd Thursday of Each Month (90 Minutes)

Topics covered include:
  • Agency/Casework (Favorite, Archive, List, Summary, Auto)
  • Supervisor/Manager
  • Volunteers
  • Inservices
  • Mix & Match
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Casework 201: Intermediate to Advanced Training

3rd Tuesday of Each Month (60 Minutes)

Webinar designed for more experienced Case Supervisors. Topics covered include:
  • Child Intake Form
  • Case Review
  • Toggle View
  • Permanency Plan & Juvenile Criminal Data
  • Emancipation/Fostering Futures & Life Long Links
  • Case Troubleshooting Worksheet
  • CasaConnect
Prerequisite:  CasaManager 101; Casework 101 or equivalent knowledge.
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Volunteer Module

4th Tuesday of Each Month (75 Minutes)

Webinar for Volunteer Coordinators. Topics covered include:
  • Prospective Volunteer Calls
  • Agency Holds 411/Meet & Greet
  • Volunteer Interview
  • Preservice Class Begins
  • Volunteer Training Reports
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Gina's Favorite Things

4th Thursday of Each Month (60 Minutes)

  • Mix & Match
  • Customize
  • Case Notes
  • Supervisor/Manager Reports
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