855-9CASAMGR (855-922-7264) info@CasaManager.com
In response to Susanne’s retirement announcement, we have had several inquiries on who to call when you need help with CasaManager. In anticipation of this event, we’ve worked hard to improve the product and built a great team to support your needs.
We’ve introduced our toll free number 855-922-7264 and phone menu, which provides quick access to the correct team members in:

Press 1 for Support
Press 2 for Sales
Press 3 for Accounting
Press 9 for a dial by name directory

You may also dial our direct extensions to reach a specific team member on a particular topic or area of expertise:

Jeff Hough – owner – EXT. 101 – PST jeff@casamanager.com
– Subscription/accounting questions
– Blocked account messages
– Exceeded the number of users
– cmCloud performance
– Can’t get to CasaManager in browser
– Customization / Feature requests
– Special projects – grant reports, state reports (fee applies)
– CasaManager website updates

Gina James – Sales/Training/Support – EXT. 102 – MST gina@casamanager.com

– General use questions about CasaManager – “How do I enter …. ?” “Where do I find…”
– Referrals for other CASA agencies interested in CasaManager
– Adding more licenses
– Converting to subscription pricing
– Webinars – attending or seeing recordings of previous webinars
– Scheduling a staff training
– CasaManager News articles – questions or suggestions

Matt Klein – Senior Developer – EXT. 104 – EST matt@casamanager.com

– Emailing problems
– Exporting questions
– Pre/post migration questions
– Staff passwords
– De-dup’ing Children, Volunteers, Mother records
– Assigning, Closing children to staff or vol Advocates
– Pick and Post Staff or Vols to Inservice workshops

Kevin Lane – Developer – EXT. 103 – MST kevin@casamanager.com

– Pop-down value lists wrong or not working
– Problems with VOCA, NCASA Annual Survey, 6 month report, Program Stats report
– Field turning purple that shouldn’t
– CasaConnect issues
– CasaReporter issues
– Child Picker issues
– Custom Report generator

Lauren Marini – Technical writer – EXT. 106 – EST – lauren@casamanager.com

– Help docs Adds and Updates
– Requests for location of topic in manual
– Requests for videos

We look forward to working with you in the years to come. Please let us know what we can do to make our products serve you better.