We have received the updated 6-month survey from NCASA and Kevin has put this update in the reports section for all agencies. Since the survey for the reporting period January – June 2021 is different from the survey for the reporting period July – December 2021, Kevin has given the updated one a unique date so that you know exactly which one is the current version for the most recent reporting period. You will need to run the one with the date (2021 Jul – Dec).

Also, for the new question #19 which covers nine services and outcomes as defined by OJJDP, we do not gather that data in a report as we do not know if and how you gather that data. National CASA is aware of this and you should have already been given direction around this from Brad Ray or someone else at NCASA. If you do not track that data, you are to select ‘No’ and you will be directed to the end of the survey.

Kevin has added this question with a hint as to where you might find this data in your own files.

19) Services & Outcomes – this is a pilot program for this reporting period; if your program tracks outcomes for children, you can find that data on the Outcomes / Measures tab and in the Outcomes and Measures reports.

If you have any questions, please contact Brad Ray or your assigned regional director at NCASA.