Beginning May 1, 2019

CasaConnect is FREE for volunteers!

  • CasaConnect made its debut in 2013. CasaManager™ was the firstsolution to offer this service to volunteers, long before any other company. Now is the time to provide it at no cost to volunteers or the agency.
  • If you don’t want your volunteers entering their own hours or case data, that is fine. Volunteers are not required to use it!
  • Volunteers using CasaConnect are not included in your overall user count, so our volunteer access is 100% free!

Unlike other case management products, volunteers are NOT required to use CasaConnect.

With ANOTHER SOLUTION, if you have 5 staff members and 100 volunteers, you’re paying for 105 users. They tell you the volunteer access is free, but it’s hidden in the price.

With CasaManager if you have 5 staff members, you only need a 5 user subscription.

  • CasaManager has No set up fees
  • Nominal migration fee may apply if you want to bring your data from your previous system

CasaManager was also the FIRSTto introduce STATE DIRECTOR ACCESSto CasaConnect to pull local programs’ data—by one, multiple, or all agencies! State Directors have had this access available to them for nearly eight years! The CasaConnect State Director Access subscription is only $899 annually.

We’ll be at the conference, so come by and see us for a test drive of CasaConnect for volunteers and state directors!

We appreciate your business! If you know of another agency or team member that might be interested in our new features, please pass the news along!