CasaConnect provides a data bridge between volunteers, program staff, and state administrators.

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Volunteers, program staff, and state directors benefit from using CasaConnect.

CasaConnect is a free service to volunteers who want to enter their own hours and case notes. CasaConnect for state administrators allows the state office to run and aggregate the data from one, multiple, or all of their local programs.

The National CASA Association considers volunteer hours evidence of CASA/GAL impact and effectiveness. Accurately reporting volunteer hours helps to secure and protect Local, State, and Federal funding for CASA/GAL programs.

Read how CasaConnect helps volunteers and agencies leverage the power of this tool.




Process: Through secure encryption, volunteers can submit case and non-case hours, VOCA services, independent training hours, and case notes. CasaConnect for volunteers is supported from any device that connects to the Internet.

Benefit: When volunteers enter their own hours and notes, it frees up time for the staff to support them, provide enrichment opportunities, and dedicate time to recognition, retention, and recruitment.


Process: When volunteers submit hours and case notes through CasaConnect, that data is imported into CasaManager for the staff to easily review and verify.

Benefit: When volunteers enter their hours and notes, manual entry is no longer needed by staff members. This data is synched to the cloud on a daily basis, which allows reports to be generated offline for the board, Local, State, or National stakeholders.

State Associations

Process: When volunteers submit their hours and notes and the data is imported into CasaManger, the data is synched to the cloud for state directors to access at-will.

Benefit: CasaConnect provides access to up-to-date statistical data for state directors, which can be used for multiple reporting purposes to National CASA, Local, State, and Federal entities. They do not have to contact each local program to request their data, which saves them time. The flexible menu enables state directors to run and aggregate data from one, multiple, or all of their local programs.