The CasaManager team would like to extend our well-wishes to all CASA/GAL staff and their families who have been impacted—directly or indirectly—by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We understand that most of you have sheltered in place and are practicing social distancing which has required you to work remotely from home.

We want to assure you that we are still available to you if you have any needs regarding CasaManager, CasaConnect, VisitationManager, and MentorManager.

If you need to log on from home, you will use the same link there that you use when you’re in the office. You do not need a separate CasaManager license on your home network to work from home.

With the National CASA Annual Survey deadline approaching, we want to make certain that you know that we are here for you! *(Note: National CASA has extended the deadline to April 30, 2020).


The CasaManager Team