New Features

  • NEW! Release Notes tab on the Home Dashboard

Issues Updated

  • 0003209: [General] Server Side Scripts Randomly fail in FMS v19.5.2 (jeffh)
  • 0003208: [Casework] Share button on Casework Scroll View (kevinl)
  • 0003207: [Reports] Modular Report Doesn’t Render (kevinl)
  • 0003197: [Reports] Performance Report – Targets and Counts (kevinl)
  • 0003198: [Reports] Add Child Demographics Report (kevinl)
  • 0003201: [Staff] Counts missing from Caseload portals on Staff Module (jeffh)
  • 0003206: [Staff] Unable to print Case Load from either Supervisor or Staff Advocate lists (jeffh)
  • 0003205: [Reports] Volunteer Sum: Left Program Reason report (kevinl)
  • 0003204: [Staff] Unable to change a staff member’s Privilege Set (jeffh)
  • 0003203: [General] Bad character are preventing emails for being sent. (jeffh)
  • 0003202: [Volunteers] Enabling Volunteer Portal Access is very slow on large databases (jeffh)
  • 0003200: [Staff] Unable to search MgrID on Staff Record (jeffh)
  • 0003199: [Agency] Missing scroll bar on Staff Message Board Field (jeffh)