New Features

  • No new features in this release.

Issues Updated

  • 0003265: [General] Navigating from Archive List to Detail, record is displaying (jeffh)
  • 0003264: [Reports] JC Deliverable Report 2 slow on large data sets (jeffh)
  • 0003263: [Reports] Program Stats Report very slow on large data sets (jeffh)
  • 0003262: [Reports] Is there a way to remove the vacated hearings off the upcoming hearing list? (jeffh)
  • 0003261: [General] Navigating to Volunteer, Case, Child, Family is not going to the selected record (jeffh)
  • 0003260: [General] SuperSearch seems to have slowed down (jeffh)
  • 0003246: [Reports] Performance Report – Volunteers Inactive During (kevinl)
  • 0003245: [Agency] Agency Chart Counts Served not refreshing (kevinl)
  • 0003244: [Casework] VOCA Service Type value list not working properly (kevinl)