New Features

  • 0003279: [General] Need ability to restrict deleting children/volunteers to admin users (kevinl)
  • 0003272: [CasaReporter] CasaReporter replaced with NEW CasaConnect Sync dialog (jeffh)

Issues Updated

  • 0003278: [General] Need preference to prevent non-admin users from editing child/volunteer names (kevinl)
  • 0003277: [General] Agency Logo missing on letters and forms (kevinl)
  • 0003275: [Volunteers] Misc. Field visible on Volunteer Screens (kevinl)
  • 0003274: [Casework] Add County and Is Within County? To Placements List (kevinl)
  • 0003267: [Reports] Data not displaying correctly on the “JC Export Summary 1.B” report (jeffh)