By now, each of you should be aware that National CASA has made some changes to the 2018 annual survey. The staff at CasaManager participated in a vendor meeting with National CASA to ensure that we understood the changes and we have made those adjustments to the annual survey in your database. We have outlined the changes below with a brief explanation as needed.

NCASA 2018 Annual Survey Update


Question 2: This data is pulled from the ‘Major Case Issues’ field, found on the Casework / Case Review and Case Detail / Petitions screens. The same child may show up in multiple categories.

Question 3: This is a new (and optional) question for 2018. Find this data in the Mix and Match Casework Queries screen by looking for cases active in the date range. You will have to determine how your agency flags children for “trafficking”, when you perform the mix and match search.

Question 6: CasaManager looks in the Placements table, and looks for ‘Own Home’ as the placement type. So you must have a value for ‘Own Home’ entered in the field labeled ‘Facility/Plcmt Type’. If you need to distinguish between mother’s home and father’s home, then you may enter ‘Own Home – Mother’ or ‘Own Home – Father’. If you enter ‘Bio Mom’ or ‘Bio Dad’, CasaManager will not find that placement for this reporting purpose.

Question 7: CasaManager excludes cases served with ‘Own Home’ as the placement type, and simply summarizes the placement type for those placements with the longest time period.


Most of this data is pulled from the Home / National Survey screen (which has been updated) to match the 2018 Annual Survey. It is recommended that agencies keep this data up-to-date during the year when any changes occur.

CasaManager 16 users, this version is live right now.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, reference the NCASA Annual Survey, and include your city and state in your subject line.