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I have fielded quite a few SOS signals from users who are concerned that their volunteer anniversary background checks are either incomplete or have no data to look at in the reports.

For those of you who have attended any of my Webinars, you might recall me constantly warning that while you don’t have to have every bit of data completed upon new case or new volunteer entry, you will care when it’s time for you to run reports. It is important that you fill in those gaps prior to running any reports that rely on specific data. It is much more efficient to complete as much information on the front end than it is to do data clean-up on the back end.

For those users who have reached out to say that your reports did not return any volunteers or was a lower number of volunteers than you expected, your data is missing in the volunteers’ records.

For you to get anniversary dates from reports, the following fields must be completed in each volunteer’s record:

  • Criminal Check (Required by NCASA)
  • Fingerprints (Required by NCASA)
  • Child Abuse Reg. (Required by NCASA)
  • Insurance Expires (Optional, if you want this data)
  • DL Expires (Optional, if you want this data)
  • Date Sworn (Required)

If you need any additional clarification, please contact Gina at gina@casamanager.com