This article serves to clarify the two different fields that are available to capture who your board members are.

1. Volunteers>Volunteer Detail>Personal>Board Mbr? 

When the value entered =  ‘Yes’, this is the data that pushes out to the canned report: ‘List: Board Members’. This shows you who your active board members are. This means that of all your board members need to have ‘Yes’ selected in this screen: Volunteers>Volunteer Detail>Personal>Board Mbr?

Report for this is: List: Board Members

That is not connected to the checkbox on the Inquiry Info layout, which is explained next:

2. Volunteers>Volunteer Detail>Inquiry Info>Non-Advocate Volunteer Type (NAV)

This allows agencies to collect data on any Non-Advocate Volunteer, to include but not limited to board members. The assumption is that you would want to know who all of your non-advocates are, by role (the person could be a non-advocate as well as a case adv). A board member could be a donor, and be on the speakers’ bureau, and be an office volunteer, etc., so you would be able to check those three boxes for one volunteer.

This generates a completely separate report and breaks down in which non-advocate role or roles the volunteer serves.

Report for this is: List: Non Advocates *(once you run the report, the field on the far right shows the type of NAV role for each vol; there could be more than one  based on which boxes are checked on the volunteers’ records). Note that you must enter a date range.

3. Logging Hours for Non-Advocates (including Board Members)

If you want to log hours for any non-advocate, including your board members, they would be entered in Volunteers>Hours>Non-Case Hours.

*Note the ‘Vol Status/Code’ (not ‘Adv Status/Code’): The status (green, yellow, red) is an indicator as to when the last Non-Case Hours were entered for anyone with a checkbox checked under the Non-Advocate Volunteer Type (NAV). Many agencies do add their non-case hours for their volunteers but just as many don’t. (I think we should if they are donating their time, and it gives you better reporting to see the impact of how much time community citizens are donating to your agency beyond casework).

Report for this is: Hours: Non-Case (You must enter a date range).

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