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There have been some questions regarding how CasaManager calculates three child protective/harm reduction factors based on what staff enters. Below are the answers to those three areas with a scenario for each.

1. Safety in Placement: This data comes from the Reabuse tab, which is found in Child Detail (middle of the page). Reabuse is a new report of abuse/neglect to the child while the CASA program is actively serving the child. The current case status will either be “Active Vol”, “Active Staff”, “Wait”, or “Monitored”. There are two date fields on the Reabuse Tab: “Date Alleged” and “Date Substantiated”. 

ScenarioLet’s say if a child returns home and the case remains open for the mom to continue working on her treatment plan compliance, and the CASA case is still open. You are notified of a new report of the mom having beaten the child or violated protection plans. That is a Reabuse incident that you would capture REGARDLESS of whether or not a new petition was filed.

2. Stability in Advocates: This data is triggered by how many times a child had to get a new CASA volunteer during the pendency of an open case. So when you remove a volunteer and reassign to another volunteer, this creates a calculation. The goal is to minimize the number of CASAs who serve a child to provide continuity of care. 

Scenario: CASA volunteer A was on the case as an active volunteer, but had to resign from the case for whatever reason (illness, moved, terminated, etc.). The child still needs an advocate so you reassign the case to CASA volunteer B. That is 2 advocates for that one child. CasaManager calculates each change and you can find that in the Prior Advs/Profs blue navigation bar from Casework.

3. Permanent Home: This calculates the number of children who achieved permanency and their cases were closed, but their cases were reopened in the date range. This comes from when you close the case in Case Tasks and complete the fields there.

Scenario: Child Janae Johnxxx’s case closed in 2016 because she achieved permanency. However, her case came back on a new petition in 2018 due to a new report of alleged abuse/neglect. You run that report for 1/1/18 – 12/31/18, and she will show up.

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