I really need your help with something. I frequently receive requests for tech support and training from staff. That is no problem at all.

The issue is that many agencies have either hired new staff and/or previous staff have left and I haven’t received the memo, so when I try to help new staff, I cannot find them in my system and my database still has former staff listed as current.

Adding them or discharging them from your internal CasaManager database doesn’t update them in our customer database.

I have asked this before, but it bears repeating. Please, please send me an updated staff list / organizational chart for your agency so that I can update our customer files on this end. That’ll make it easier and faster for me to help your staff. Even if you think you’ve sent me your updated staff list, please do so again, just to be certain. Please include the staff members’ full names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Please send those staff updates to me at gina@casamanager.com.