Greetings CASA/GAL Staff,

Have you seen or run a report based on the report name, but it wasn’t what you really wanted? If so, then I want to remind you that you can change the name of the report buttons to make sense for your agency.

I identified a report that had a misleading title, while the report data itself made sense. So I simply changed the report button name to a title that accurately reflects the data in the report.

This report button is most likely the same in your system as it was in mine. The report is in the Volunteer reports section and is ‘List: Case Reassignments’. The title leads you to believe that this report will show you the cases that have been assigned to one volunteer, then reassigned to another volunteer. If you look at the report description and preview, they actually show volunteers who were discharged from a case then assigned to another case.

I changed this report button in my system to read, ‘List: Took Another Case’ because that makes better sense to describe the data in this report.

To change your report button names, go to Customize>Report Buttons. Find the report in the list and click inside the field for the button name. Simply rename the report and close the window. When you navigate back to the reports module, you will now see your new title.

*(Note: staff should discuss this as a team before any changes are made to report names as this is not a personal setting; it is an agency-level setting, so changing it for yourself changes it for everyone).

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Gina at