As we continue to streamline workflows in CasaManager, I’ve been going through some workflows on which I’d like some feedback.

This one is on the Inservice Workshop Detail Navigation.

For years, we have had a text box there for Workshop In-house Comments on the bottom left of the screen. The watermark reads, “Type your rating and/or comments about the workshop”. 

Then in early 2021, we added a new workflow for Tags throughout CasaManager so the tagging system is available in the workshop navigation right next to the button for Workshop Attendees.

My question for you all is “Do you use the Workshop In-house Comments and/or the Workshop Tags and/or the Text for Flyer/letter”? The reason I’m asking is that I have identified quite a few underutilized features and functions throughout the database so I am attempting to gather data to determine the topics for future trainings which I will facilitate through webinars.

Please email me at with your responses and also let me know other areas of training needs you may have.

Be sure to add the subject line, “WORKSHOP DETAIL RESPONSE”. This will make it easier for me to filter for those specific responses from all of you.

I look forward to hearing from you all!