By now, you should have received direction from the NCASA data team that the national survey is opening up for local programs.

Last week, the NCASA data team informed us here at CasaManager that there were a few changes to the survey and we want to assure you that as we work very closely with that team, those changes have already been made in that report in CasaManager!

Kevin Lane got right on it and within 48 hours, he had the updates incorporated and the report was ready to go.

We would suggest that you run that report once or twice in advance of the deadline, so that if you feel your data is inaccurate, you will leave yourself enough of a cushion to make those data repairs and submit your survey on time. Remember that you have the full use of the Data Review Dashboard to help you easily find and fix your bad data.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Gina at or Kevin at

Thank you for being loyal CasaManager users!