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We want to help you be successful and make full use of the CasaManager products and services. To that end, we developed a broader platform to share tips and other useful information to our clients. Our goal is to publish once a week to this space. We would love to hear your ideas for topics you’d like to share or learn more about, please send us a note.

CasaManager Release v17.0.19

New Features - No new features in this release. Issue Updated 0003300: [Reports] Date range appearing in report subtitle on 2022 NCASA Annual Report (kevinl)

CasaManager Release v17.0.18

New Features NCASA Annual Survey updated for this year. (kevinl) Issue Updated 0003287: [General] Update user preferences for New Document Email Notifier (jeffh) 0003288: [General] Replace SendGrid with (jeffh) 0003289: [General] Several...

CasaManager Release v17.0.17

New Features - Nothing new in this release Issue Updated 0003286: [General] New Document Email notifications not disabling - Feature Disabled for further testing. (jeffh)

CasaManager Release v17.0.16

New Features - Nothing new in this release Issue Updated 0003285: [General] Editing a case document was locking up CasaManager (jeffh) 0003284: [General] Unable to edit the personal preference "New_Document_Email" (jeffh) 0003283: [Reports] 2022 NCASA 6 Month Report...

CasaManager Release v17.0.15

New Features0003282: [Reports] 2022 NCASA Annual Survey (kevinl)0003217: [Volunteers] Email to Volunteer when a Document is uploaded (jeffh)0003280: [Volunteers] Need Drivers License Expiration Date Added to Export Fields (kevinl) Issues Updated - Nothing to see...