We are continually making improvements to the workflow in VisitationManager, and we have just updated it for you to begin using the new functions.

This is what we have improved and/or added:

  • User preferences have been turned on
  • Value lists customizations have been improved
  • Tag function has been added
  • Flag for active and inactive volunteers has been added
  • Volunteer screening and training have been added and improved
  • Person Detail navigation has been added and improved
  • Professionals and volunteers tab to link them to cases has been added
  • Family specific list view has been added
  • Child surveys have been updated
  • Child alerts have been added
  • Service quantities and hours have been added and improved
  • Invoices/Payments tab and workflow have been added and improved


New Reports Wizard Coming Soon!

  • Current reports
  • Volunteer reports
  • Casework reports
  • Quick counts

Drop us a line to tell us what you think about the new and improved workflows!

If you are interested in seeing a demo for your CASA/GAL program’s family visitation services, please let us know.

Contact Gina at gina@casamanager.com