Recently, I have been receiving training requests from agency volunteers, so I need to clarify the extent of your unlimited tech support and training included in your CasaManager subscription.

As you are aware, your subscription includes unlimited tech support and training for agency staff. Unfortunately, that does not extend to agency volunteers. So if a volunteer needs help with CasaConnect in any way, the staff would need to submit that request to us at CasaManager on behalf of the volunteer, and we will respond to you with the resolution so that you, the staff, can train your volunteers.

While it would be helpful for you to be able to refer volunteers directly to our CasaManager team for training, we just don’t have the bandwidth to meet that need.

There are volunteer resources on the Training Channel and in the Help Guide, with which staff should become familiar so that you can help your volunteers increase their skill set and confidence in using CasaConnect.

I would recommend you bring your volunteers in for a group training (or one-on-one, if applicable), to show them the recorded session, ‘CasaConnect for Volunteers’. You should also become familiar with the recorded session, ‘CasaConnect for Staff’.

Additionally, there are printable resources in the Help Guide for volunteers and staff under the section ‘Using CasaConnect’.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Gina at

Thank you for choosing CasaManager!

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