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What our customers have to say about CasaManager

As the Executive Director at Southeast Nebraska CASA, my day to day job does not require me to use CASA Manager often.  The main thing I use CASA Manager for is the reports.  When I need to complete reports for VOCA or for National CASA, many times it would be difficult to get the information I needed from the Old CASA Manager, as we would either have to run multiple reports or create a custom report.  The New CASA Manager has set up wonderful reports that make this task very user friendly. With the old CASA Manager, many times I would have to have my Program Coordinator run reports for me as I was not able to find a report with the information I needed.  However, since converting to the New CASA Manager, the reports are organized and easy to find.  I am very impressed with the new CASA Manager.

Marci Fehlhafer

Executive Director, Southeast Nebraska CASA - NE

I really like the new format. It is very user friendly and I think once I get used to it going to be awesome. It is very professional looking. Great job with the design!!

Kiersta Sullivan

Executive Director, Front Range CASA/GAL, Inc. - MT

Recipe for writing a successful CASA Manager grant:

9 cups LUCK

1/3 cup spell everything correctly

1/3 cup use complete sentences

1/3 cup ask for the best dang database around

Combine all ingredients in a PDF file and submit to funder.

Mickey Edwards

State Director, Kansas State CASA Association - KS

We are really “lost” without CasaManager daily!!!

Greta McKenzie

Greene Co. CASA Director, Greene County CASA Program - OH

After extensively reviewing several databases, both CASA-specific and other web-based databases, we decided CasaManager 16 was the best fit for our organization. The new web-based version includes some of our favorite features from previous versions, like the ability to easily conduct a search anywhere in the database and easy ad-hoc reporting, to exciting upgrades that allow us to modify the interface for specific roles and give staff the ability to customize their experience with CasaManager.

Matt Olson

Director of Staff Advocacy, Voices for Children - CA

I love, love, love the new CasaManager 16! Great job!

Cathey Sweeney

Executive Director, Wilson County CASA, Inc. - TN

As a state CASA director, I’m so thankful for the time and convenience of CasaManager and CasaConnect. Instead of tracking down every local program’s data every time I need it, I just log on to CasaConnect. All the data I need is at my fingertips anytime I need it!

Corrie Kielty

Executive Director, Nebraska CASA Association - NE

This was not a decision made overnight.  It was a very deliberate process.  We narrowed it down to three possible solutions.  A committee made up of users with all skill levels chose CasaManager hands down.  One of the many deciding factors was the reporting capabilities surrounding National’s Annual Survey, Six Month Survey and VOCA funding.  The time it saves is like money in the bank.

Patty Sabin

President/CEO, Michigan CASA - MI

I would like to thank you so much for all of your hard work and true dedication in all that you do for us but especially in preparing the National CASA Survey Section/Tab in CasaManager. It was totally awesome!!! I know it took hour upon hour to prepare and I am so thankful for you because you really made the survey easy, quick, and stress-free. I have completed that survey for the last 10 years and it has always been very time consuming and a dreaded task…..but not this year!

So again, we appreciate your amazing commitment to CASA! Thank you!

Patty O'Neal

Executive Director, Newport News CASA - VA

CasaManager is a wonderful program to collect and report data, it has made data collection and customization even simpler for our office. In addition, CasaManager does a superb job at case/volunteer management. With a click of a button I can now print CASA Acceptance Letters, Oath of Office, Training reminders, certificate of acceptance, parent appointment letters and many more forms. This has allowed our office to be more efficient with our limited time and resources! Thank you Susanne for designing CasaManager to fit the daily task that CASA programs need to accomplish!

Tonya Buchanan

Supervisor, Parachute, Butler Co. Court - Hamilton, OH

Thanks so much for the great training yesterday! I am so excited with all CasaManager can do to keep us organized and on track. The report capability is amazing and will make reporting to National, etc so much less time consuming. I know I have a lot more to discover in the program, but you gave Gretchen and I a great head start. I look forward to the webinars in April.
Thanks again!
Shari Fromm

Program Director, Oregon City, OR

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