Happy New Year!

Shake off the holiday haze and learn some new skills (or refresh some old skills). CasaManager FREE weekly webinar series is a great way to get back into the workflow and learn something new. Our first quarter training schedule is available on our website. If there are topics you’d like to see from us, drop us a line.

Here’s an overview of this year’s webinar series:

CasaManager 101: New Users (1st Tuesday – 60 minutes) – This webinar is designed for new users.

Casework 101: Basic Training (2nd Tuesday – 60 minutes) – This webinar is the next step on your journey to gaining control of your daily workflows.

Reports Module (2nd Thursday – 90 minutes) – Reports are a happy by-product of doing your daily work in CasaManager. In this session Gina will dive deeper into all of the data you’ve cultivated. Sample questions might include:

  • Who are our best volunteers now and where did they come from?
  • Where are the children coming from? Is there a particular part of town?
  • Are there funding sources we can go after because of where the children come from?
  • What are the parents’ primary presenting problem?
  • Should the agency hold more in-service workshops around understanding some of the issues better that bring children into dependency?
  • What percentage of the children come back into care?
  • Is there any correlation between the outcome of a child’s first case and why they came back?

Learn how to mine the data to answer questions like the above or submit your own. This webinar is meant to be free-formed and will be tailored to the experience level of the class majority. See why it isn’t necessary to export to Excel, when the tools are at your fingertips.

Casework 201: Intermediate to Advanced Training (3rd Tuesday – 60 minutes) – This webinar continues on where the Casework 101 webinar left off. While other solutions might only generate reports, CasaManager is capable of much more!

Volunteer Module (4th Tuesday – 75 minutes) – We’ve designed this webinar for the Volunteer Coordinators. Learn how CasaManager can help you manage volunteer recruitment, engagement and training.

Gina’s Favorite Things (4th Thursday – 60 minutes) – This webinar was recently added to our lineup. Gina is excited to share her more than 15 years of CasaManager expertise.

Do you have an idea for a training topic? Drop us a line! We are always looking for ways to improve our offerings.