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Free Training!

Whether adding new staff members or brushing up on your own skills, live instruction saves time and assures you get the most out of CasaManager. We developed a weekly webinar series to help you and your staff get started or polish up on your CasaManager skills.

Webinar Recordings

Each of our webinars are recorded. A selection of these recordings are available to be watched after the scheduled event. The featured recordings may be found on our Training Channel.

Webinar Schedule

Intro to CasaManager

1st Wednesday of Each Month (45 Minutes)

Description: This training covers the 101 basics of navigation, data entry, basic reporting, and a brief explanation of some of the features.

Target Audience: New or Existing Staff—All Positions

Key Focus Areas:

  • How CasaManager is Structured
  • Dashboard
  • Action Menu
  • User Preferences
  • Tour of the Modules
  • Basic Navigation
  • Basic Data Entry
  • Site Map
  • Web Links

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CasaManager - Reports and Data Mining

2nd Thursday of Each Month (60 Minutes)

Description: The reports wizard has been overhauled to make it simpler to search for, preview, and run reports. Users can also make selected reports individual favorites. The new wizard has optimized functionality that allows users to drill down to quick count data and select alternative date ranges. The new wizard also takes the guess work out of whether or not a report requires a date range or other data elements.

Target Audience: All Program Staff Responsible for Reports

Key Focus Areas:

  • Quick Count Drill Down
  • Alternative Quick Date Ranges
  • Intuitive Report Criteria
  • Report Sections
  • Individualized Report Favorites
  • Search Feature in Reports
  • Customizing Report Buttons and Descriptions
  • VOCA Tracking & Reports
  • National CASA Survey
  • Custom Reports
  • Reports Archive

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CasaManager - Child/Case Management

2nd Wednesday of Each Month (45 Minutes)

Description: This training is packed with amazing functionality and goes beyond the basics and dives into the core of child and case management.

Target Audience: Advocate Supervisors/Volunteer Coordinators

Key Focus Areas:

  • Child Detail Workflow
  • Family Detail Workflow
  • Casework Module
  • Case Status
  • Linking Children to Volunteers, Staff, and Professionals
  • Child Picker
  • Grouping Children or Cases
  • Drag and Drop Document Storage
  • The Importance of Accurate Data Entry
  • Major Case Issues
  • Field Searches
  • Miscellaneous Fields
  • Calendar Integration for Hearings and Reminders
  • Volunteer and Child Performance
  • Locking Closed Cases

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CasaManager - Mix & Match

4th Wednesday of Each Month (45 Minutes)

Description: This training guides users through the six Mix & Match functions, including layered requests and omitting certain records from the found set.

Target Audience: Advocate Supervisors/Volunteer Coordinators/Executive Staff

Key Focus Areas:

  • Casework Queries
  • Advocate/Volunteer Queries
  • Court Hearing Queries
  • Hours Queries
  • Services Queries
  • Placement Queries

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CasaManager - Volunteer Management & Training

3rd Wednesday of Each Month (60 Minutes)

Description: This session covers the key functions of applicant screening, pre-service training, volunteer data management, and volunteer reports.

Target Audience: Advocate Supervisors/Volunteer Coordinators

Key Focus Areas:

  • Volunteer Tracking from Initial Contact to Assignment and Release
  • Details, Availability, and Left Reasons
  • Volunteer Status and Code Progression (What triggers these)?
  • Applicant Screening
  • Applicant Pre-Service Training
  • Volunteer Hours *Revised
  • Inservices and Independent Study
  • Volunteer Case Tracking
  • Volunteer Notes
  • Retraining Function
  • Drag & Drop Document Storage
  • Miscellaneous Fields
  • Anniversary Dates
  • Compliance Report
  • Volunteer Reports

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