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What’s the Problem?

You have a volunteer whose status is green, yellow, or red but you can’t assign the volunteer to a case. The volunteer code is set to either “Info” or “Trainee”.

What’s the Solution?

First, you need to know that volunteers’ statuses and codes cannot be manually manipulated. The statuses and codes are directly connected to data input in the volunteers’ “Pre-service Training” tab, and through the assignment or removal of a volunteer from a case.

  1. Be sure that all pre-service training fields are completed. These are found in the “Pre-Service Training” tab under the “Training” navigation bar.
  2. Be sure that all of the preservice training boxes are completed under the “Sessions/Attendance Tracking” section. The legend is on the screen
  3. You should see that the codes change automatically from “Info” to “Trainee” to “AOK”, before assigning to a case, then to “Advocate” once a volunteer is assigned through “Case Tasks”.

*To assign “Red” status volunteers, please see the article in CasaManager News! dated Oct 8, 2018.

There is guidance on Volunteer Statuses and Codes in the integrated volunteer help guide.

If you need additional help, please contact Gina at gina@casamanager.com