In an effort to clarify and streamline volunteer hours entry, CasaManager has a new hours entry screen.

1.  From Volunteers / Hours, click “New Case Hours” or “New Vol Hours”.  When adding case hours, you will be prompted to select a child.  By default, you see a list of ALL children to whom the current volunteer has ever been assigned, including resigned and closed cases.

You may also search for and select any child in the system by entering a child name and clicking the “Search” button, or manually type in the child ID at the bottom-left.

* While the new hours defaults to the volunteer you are currently viewing, you also have the option to select a different volunteer for the new hours.  Simply click above the Volunteer name to find and select a different volunteer and child.

2.  Enter data for the new hours record.  

*  The only required field for a new hours record is the Date.

*  If the value list for Type of Contact is missing or incorrect, click “~ Edit Value List” in the drop-down list and Find/Assign and/or Edit the value list as needed.

3.  (Optional)  Some users may wish to enter notes for a child while they are entering hours.  You can now do this in the same screen by filling out the notes fields before you submit.  

*  The only required fields for a new note are the date and notes fields.

4.  Submit.  You can either “Submit and Close” ( if you only wish to add a single hours record ), or “Submit and Add New” if you want to enter another hours record.  Once you click Submit, the hour and/or notes are created and the entry fields are cleared for additional hours/notes creation.

*  To view hours ( case or non-case ) for the selected volunteer, click the “View Volunteer Hours” button beneath the new hours fields.  You will see a list of all hours for the volunteer.  You can also filter this list to show just hours for the selected child by clicking the checkbox at the top-right.