Do you ever wonder what all of the numbers on your reports mean? 

Do you scratch your head and ask yourself, “Where is this data coming from?” Or, “What are the names of these children?” Or, “Who are these volunteers and where are they based?”

With CasaManager™, you can drill down that data to find the numbers and related records that you need.

With the success of our Quick Count drill down feature, most of our reports now have data drill down capability for your found set of records. 

We’ve now extended our data drill down to include, but not limited to:

  • NCASA Annual Survey
  • VOCA Report
  • 6-Month Report
  • Program Stats Report

For any report that has a number representing a “count of,” you can now link to the records associated with that count.

Exportable Data That Really Is Exportable

You can export any list of records out of CasaManager into Excel. When you export data out of CasaManager, you can identify your data without having to delete extra columns and rows. You don’t have to figure out the data because it’s the same data that youve found in CasaManager.

With our truly exportable data function, you can:

  • Export report data
  • Export lists
  • Add additional fields to your exports
  • Save your exports

We’ll be at the conference in Atlanta in June, so come by our booth and get a demo!

We appreciate your business! If you know of another agency or team member that might be interested in our new features, please pass the news along!