1. New Hours Entry for Case/Child and Non-Case Hours
To make hours entry faster and more intuitive for staff, we have updated the way hours are entered. This is a big change from the historical method, so please let Gina know if you need a brief tutorial.

Also, we have added a great feature by which you can add a case note to the child’s record from the hours input screen! This has created efficiency for when you are adding hours regarding court, case staffings, foster care reviews, mediations, home visits, and more. Through the old process, you had to enter the hours, then navigate away from the advocates’ record to go to notes in the Casework module. Through the new process, once you submit hours on a volunteers’ record, a new button that reads, “Add Note” appears to the right of the submitted hours. This opens the case notes screen right there for you to add the notes!

2. 6-Month Report Update
We became aware from National CASA that they need agencies to capture the children’s race and ethnicity a little differently than has been done in the past. To meet that expectation, we have updated the 6-month survey to reflect this update. When you run the 6-month survey, note question 7.3 which shows the ethnicity and race combined for the children served in the date range. To ensure that your data is accurate, you must choose a race AND an ethnic origin for the children. *Note that Hispanic/Latino is not a race; it is an ethnic origin so Hispanic/Latino should not be entered into the value list for Race.

3. Log On Issue: User Name Not Found
We get quite a few tech support requests to help with log on issues when users get a message “User Name Not Found”. We realized that even if the user name was correct and the password was actually incorrect, the user name message would appear by default. That issue has now been fixed so users will get a message that corresponds to the incorrect user name or password.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gina at gina@casamanager.com