We’ve Been Busy Little Bees Making More Honey!

We are continually working to develop value-adds for you in CasaManager.

Check Out These New Features:

  1. Hours tab added to Case Detail
  2. Save Found Set option added to Mix & Match Reports
  3. Staff Documents tab has been added
  4. Staff-specific Agency Level Presets have been added

1. Hours tab added to Case Detail:

The previous workflow required you to navigate away to the Volunteer module to add hours on cases. Now you can add a hearing, notes, and hours without leaving Case Details. It is sandwiched between the Hearings and Notes tabs.


2. Save Found Set option added to Mix & Match Reports:

Up until now, only canned reports were stored in the reports archive. Now, for the first time, you can store Mix & Match reports! We have added an option for you to save your found set of records when you run any Mix & Match report. You will find this on the screen with your blue button options after you have run your Mix & Match query. It’s the bright green button so you can’t miss it!

Reports>Mix & Match>Run Report>Save Found Set>Give it a Title

3. Staff documents tab has been added:

For as far back as we can go, we have never had a tab for Staff Documents—until now! You can now upload staff documents the same way you upload documents for children, volunteers, and cases. Use this for resumes, applications, reference checks, performance evaluations, and more! You’ll find this new tab in the Staff module right next to the Permissions tab.


4. Staff-specific agency level presets:

While we have had agency level presets in addition to personal level presets, we have not had a way to assign agency level presets to individual staff in a robust way. As of now, you can assign staff to an agency level preset based on their job responsibilities or experience. You will find this in the Preferences tab.

Home>Customize>Preferences>Agency Level Preferences>Presets>Presets – Staff Assignments

We are proud of the service we provide and would love to hear feedback from you with comments about these new features as well as ideas for others.

I will be providing a training on these new features in the near future.

If you have any questions, please contact Gina at gina@casamanager.com