While you were sleeping, I’ve been busy developing more training resources for you!

Yes, it’s true!

There are 7 brand new trainings on the training channel just for you! These are what I call ‘Burst Trainings’, which are brief, topical trainings on a specific function. I know that time is precious and not everyone has the time to sit through lengthy trainings on an entire module in CasaManager. So the good news is that you don’t always have to! The recordings from these topical trainings can be found on the website on our training channel and are labeled as “Burst Training” with the topic. You can also access them directly from your dashboard in CasaManager News! I am also including the links to those trainings here so that you have quick access. I am working on additional burst trainings, so be sure to check the training channel out regularly. I will also be providing these training links in your integrated help guide soon.

I’d love to hear from you, so pease drop me a note to let me know if these burst trainings have value for you and if you have ideas for other burst training topics.

You may email me at gina@casamanager.com

Burst Training: How to Leverage the Volunteer Birthday Report for Recognition and Retention


Burst Training: How to Use the Integrated Help Guide


Burst Training: How to Use the Data Review Dashboard


Burst Training: How to Add and Resign Staff


Burst Training: How to Use the Audit Log


Burst Training: Issues Assigning Volunteers to Cases


Burst Training: Assigning Red-Advocates and Red-AOK Volunteers